Pointers01.1200OK, let’s get this much straight. The Pointers iz da shiznit (the shit). This was one of the best and certainly most significant concerts I’ve seen in a very long time. Great as the Pointers are, the singing ability and showwomanship of Ruth Pointer is all the way into goosebump territory. The thing that throws you off is that she’s so sophisticated and elegant, but when she opens her mouth and starts moving her body, its another ballgame. She floors the pedal, skipping second, third and fourth and shifts straight up to fifth in .038 seconds flat. GaaaaahDAMN, she impresses the living shit outta me. As a singer myself, she’s the kind of rare singer whom I place on the mantle – a short list of those who qualify as my teachers.  See more pictures here : http://on.fb.me/13JC83f

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