Diamond League – DN Galan 2013


The night’s prettiest face.


“The highs” is the term we call it – short for high hurdles. This is a sprinter technicians’s contest. Not only must the runner be a bona-fide sprinter, but also a ballet dancer of sorts to execute the flexibility and technical skills of high hurdles.

DNGalan2013-130822.19.5116DNGalan2013-130822.20.4802What a nice blast last night after the DN Galan. The meet itself was a bit lackluster, especially given the fact that it was the coldest night of this glorious summer (7 degrees). The high jumpers in particular – most of whom are just skin-and-bones, were shivering. The high point was hanging out in the hotel lobby afterwards, talking with old colleagues from the days of yore.  These days, they are trainers, managers and agents of some of the top world performers. I was joined by my daughter, who just might possibly have been inspired.  After all, these are world athletics royalty.

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