Shootin’ the 4-1-1

Pssst. They're talking about Edwin's new collection.

Pssst. They’re talking about Edwin’s new collection.

… and the 4-1-1 this Saturday was some serious designs by Swedish designer Edwin Treiu. It was a total throw-down at Patricia. Did y’all know that boat has moved? I didn’t realize it till I got to Slussen and at first I thought the boat must have sunk, but somebody told me it moved to right out in front of München Bryggeriet.  Dammit, I could have gotten off at Marietorget if I’d known that earlier. So it was a nice long walk through melting slush and bolder-size pebbles finding their way into my shoe. It was worth the walk: the fashion show, the after-party and cutting a rug like there’s no tomorrow … worth at least 2 sessions in the gym.

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