Its been a while, eh?


OK. Mea culpa. There’s no excuse for going this long without a new blog post. I certainly don’t have an impediment with writing, so let’s just say I’ve been delinquent and now turning over a new leaf.

Lately I’ve been turning the camera on myself a lot. Not exactly selfies, but more like self portraits in which I play around with lighting, angles, focal point, depth of field and all that juicy photographers stuff. Long story short (see the picture).  Hahaha. Its not like I haven’t taken a zillion self-portraits throughout my journey as a photographer, but now its like a madman on a mission. Every time I want to experiment with some new technique or lighting scheme, I’m too impatient to wait till I set up a shoot with a model. The incorrigible night creature that I am, these ideas come in the middle of the night and I must see the results now – now now. The simple solution is for me to face the camera.

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