The Filthiest Show in Town

I was out experimenting with night photography when I captured this shot on 42nd Street & Times Square … “Forty-Deuce” to us.  It was a potpourri of office buildings, sex shops, SRO’s, pimps, hoes, peep shows, dope fiends, street-corner preachers, pushers and lots of pussy at discount prices. It was home to Port Authority and enough dirt & litter to plant a forest.  There was something for everyone on Forty-Deuce, which is the reason everyone who lives in the Apple winds up there at some point.  At some of the other theaters further down the street from where this picture was taken was legit cheap movie houses where you could spend the whole day in the movies, watching three (usually B movies) for a pittance.  For kids ditching school, it was hooky heaven.  Night time, it was freak city. …. I remember looking up at this marquee and busted out laughing.  That blatant in-your-face statement summed it all up.  Yup, that’s 42nd Street.  It can’t get any filthier than this.  LOLImage

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