Eatin’ Pasta – a fine art

“Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.” -Sophia Loren

Few things in life are as mouth-watering, pleasurable and downright sensual as a dish of some good pasta. Gourmet pasta, for the connoisseur, is treasured with admiration and respect. The connoisseur takes note of every nuance of it’s many virtues. Note how it behaves when it is gently teased and twirled. The esthetic appeals to all the senses.  The sound of pasta is subtle, but distinct. Think about it. There is an art to taking the pasta up into the mouth with skillfully-controlled suction – meticulously refraining from careless slurping.
Such is The Fine Art of Eatin’ Pasta.

Models: Latoya & Blue
Make-up artist: Yuko Yamauchi Takahashi
Bikini design by Amun-Re









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