Happy Birthday to Michael Joseph Jackson

Today is the 56th birthday of the greatest entertainer of our era. Here are pictures I took at the 1984 Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium and the Victory Tour at Dodger Stadium. Impressive as are the recording collaboration of  the Jackson/Jones team, there simply is no exaggeration one could give to describe Michael Jackson’s performance in the Victory Tour. It was, without a doubt the most spectacular thing I have ever seen on any stage. Today, 30 August is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Micahel Joseph Jackson. We do sincerely miss you.










… and here are some touching notes & flowers left in Sergels Torg in Stockholm after his death.




20090708.1842.49-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1842.03-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.48-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.28-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1841.07-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg 20090708.1840.49-Michael_Jackson_memorial-Sergelstorg

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