Starring Anaid

The day began glorious enough. One could not have asked for more of the weather. The sun shined with barely a cloud in the sky. The temperature was spot on: too hot and the model sweats – too cold and she shivers and fakes comfort. I was in equally bright spirits. It was the start of another day of creating which is always my idea of funshine. Both model (Anaid) and MUA (Amelia) arrived simultaneously – almost bumping into each other as they walked toward our rendezvous point in the parking lot. The two women immediately found rapport and the next thing I know, they were speaking Spanish to each other. I knew Amelia was from Spain, but Anaid is from Estonia. As it turns out, Anaid speaks eight languages – thank you (& I’m still on baby-level Swedish!). I was in awe. My astonishment, however, was but a precursor to a great afternoon of shooting at Skeppsholmen. Here are a few shots that survived the cut. Anaid_Keshishian.1409041335.58-Edit





Anaid_Keshishian.1409041150.50-Edit   Anaid_Keshishian.1409041438.19-Edit Anaid_Keshishian.1409041311.55-Edit



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