The difference between ….

I love these transformations – going from mom-wife-scrub lady-cook-cleaner-chauffeur-chaperone (oh, that list can take a minute to read off) …. to Ms. WOW in 1.5 hours. I once had some neighbor girls who rationed that since I photograph fashion, I must be some kind of expert. So before stepping out on the town, they’d come to me to rake the combination over the hot coals (“… yes – no – lose the shoes … that could work with a silvery belt – work it – etc.”). It never dawned on me that this might wind up being a usable hidden talent. Nowadays, I never trust a client to shock me outta my wits by showing up with their potato sack collection. Thanks to Skype, wardrobe is mutually coordinated prior to the shoot just to make sure we’re on the same fashion editorial page. (wink-wink)

Model: Cillla MUA: Amelia Cazorla See: “Cilla in Summer

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