Coming up – World Championships

Looking forward to the World Championships next week. Not the least bit happy that it’s in London of all places, but – as always – I’ll make the most of it. Micro Britain is one of my least favorite places on the entire planet. All the phony machinegun-toting wannabe Rambos and the drama surrounding the mass-stupidity irritates the living shit outta me because I happen to know it’s just theater … bad theater at that….

I will here post my pictures of some of the past and present stars beginning with this beautiful portrait of the great half-miler, Caster Semanya.


Caster Semenya

Caught this one at the Waterfront Hotel just across from Stockholm City Hall (background) – the place where all the Nobel Prizes are handed out. Caster was there with her coach, Michael Seme, for a press conference the day before the DN Galan (Diamond League) Athletics Games. This extraordinary athlete will compete next week in  London. (2011)

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