Coming up – World Championships

Looking forward to the World Championships next week. Not the least bit happy that it’s in London of all places, but – as always – I’ll make the most of it. Micro Britain is one of my least favorite places on the entire planet. All the phony machinegun-toting wannabe Rambos and the drama surrounding the mass-stupidity irritates the living shit outta me because I happen to know it’s just theater … bad theater at that….

I will here post my pictures of some of the past and present stars beginning with this beautiful portrait of the great half-miler, Caster Semanya.


Caster Semenya

Caught this one at the Waterfront Hotel just across from Stockholm City Hall (background) – the place where all the Nobel Prizes are handed out. Caster was there with her coach, Michael Seme, for a press conference the day before the DN Galan (Diamond League) Athletics Games. This extraordinary athlete will compete next week in  London. (2011)


This is portrait of Shayla-Vie Jenkins, an extraordinary professional dancer with the Bill T. Jones Dance Company. She has also performed on Broadway in the musical Fela. I had the pleasure of connecting with her a few weeks ago in Cancún (Mexico). On or off the stage, her poetic form and grace is always apparent. I present here my niece, Shayla-Vie Jenkins.


dance a dream from Amun-Re on Vimeo.

Glad Midsommar Till Alla

I wish everyone a great Midsummer and Solstice. Thursday night was the Midsummer Can Jam with host Christiano at Copperfields. Truly beautiful vibes and people. Here’s a few images of the night.

Shooting in Kungsträdgården

Yesterday, there was a shooting in crowded Kungsträdgården as sun-worshippers soaked up sunshine on a great sunny day. The suspect was last seen with a high-powered lens attached to a camera, shooting in the direction of several models. Witnesses say the models had been provoking the crazed shooter, challenging him to press the shutter button. Finally, when he just couldn’t take it any more, he began pressing the button repeatedly – stopping only when there was nothing left to shoot. I’m getting emotion trying to tell this story. Why don’t y’all just look at the pictures. WARNING!!! GRAPHIC CONTENT.!!! May be habit-forming.
Designs by Aysha Ceesay and Youma Wally

Dances with the Sun

He entered to the scene to the dramatic music of Dances With Wolves in the background. How apropos is that for one called Sundance? What a piece of work is he – my beautiful, radiant Sun.






Dances with Wolves