What image merits the privilege of gracing your wall … one expressing your essence – your taste – your art? Why would you choose this photographer over another? There is only one opportunity for a ‘first.’ Write as much as you like about yourself – your business – your offerings, the first impression will always be visual. Will your selfie suffice to present the very best of you – your taste, sense of class (or lack thereof), your individuality? In media of a bazillion images, what draws the stranger’s eye to the image of you?

I produce an experience, which are then encapsulated in a picture – a work of art – ones that elicit pivotal memories and emotions which carry no expiration date. “You made my day,” said she, who is not now nor have ever been a ‘model,’ as she departed from the photoshoot. The picture conforms to her experience of that day.


Master photographer Amun-Re Runninghorse has practiced the medium for decades, beginning in the darkroom at age twelve. Among his archives are portraits and events by the thousands of everyday people and the glitteratti: Whoopi Goldberg, Courtenay Love, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Tyra Banks, Elizabeth Taylor, Bill Clinton, Art Linkletter, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Martha Reeves, Diahann Carol, Talia Shire, Carroll O’Connor, Bob Hope, Nancy Reagan, Al Green and many, many more.


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